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Your Future, Our Responsibility

Welcome to Grow Nivesh Financial Solutions proudly founded by Pradeep Agarwal in 2015.

Retirement is an eventual goal for most people. All remaining goals have to be prioritized in a secondary position. What does a fulfilling or satisfying retirement look like to you? Retirement means something different to just about everyone. Are you wondering if you have enough money saved up to retire? Or when you should start taking Social Security? Do you want to make the most of your retirement income?
Grow Nivesh Financial Solutions helps people who lived frugal upper-middle income lives, allowing them to accumulate enough wealth to be able to retire. We help you plan for and make the transition into retirement. We are a comprehensive financial planning office, focused on helping you get the most out of your money in retirement, as you did throughout your working years. Our team cares about our clients. We’ll take the time to get to know your goals and help you navigate your financial options to build a retirement strategy that works for you.


We are fully focused on clients’ needs giving utmost importance to their priorities overriding any consideration of incentives or brokerage. We believe in collaboration and knowledge sharing rather than marketing and product push. We try to educate clients about the goals-based planning and various investment options suiting their needs along with their pros and cons. We also prepare them for best and worst-case performance scenarios beforehand rather than projecting rosy figures and then we handhold them during tough times. We conduct regular reviews of performance and financial goals to rebalance the portfolio accordingly. We provide a one-stop solution for all financial needs and investments for different ages, risk profiles, and timeframes. We believe in lifelong association with clients. We are committed to providing the best possible performance and services to each Grow Nivesh member.


  • We are on a Mission to Educate People about Financial Literacy and Empower them to Live a Financially Confident and Stress-Free Life.
  • We are in the World’s Best and Nobel Profession because We Prosper When Our Clients Prosper.
  • We are Followers of Client First, We Next, and Win-Win-Win Principle.
  • We always ensure that Our Clients Get the Right Amount of money available at the Right Point in Time.
  • We Achieve all Our Life Goals by Helping Our Clients to Achieve their Life Goals.
  • We always Attract a lot of Clients because We Add Value to People’s Life.
  • We have a Clear Intention to Create Wealth and Abundance not only for Ourselves but also for Our Clients.
  • We Work because “We Choose To and Not because We Have To”

– Pradeep Agarwal, Founder, Grow Nivesh


Educate One Million Investors on Personal Finance, which will help them to take right decision with their money when Spending, Saving, Investing and Borrowing.


Guide thousands of families in right direction to achieve Financial Freedom and live Happy, Healthy and Peaceful Life.

About Company

Grow Nivesh in Ajmer, offers financial planning services for all age groups and income levels. We are registered to NSE and our mode of operation is 100% online which not only saves us on logistics and back-office costs but also enables us to reach clients beyond geographies. We have 100+ happy families (clients, relatives & friends) and the number is going up every day.

We, at Grow Nivesh, believe that the protection of our client funds is our prime motto and needs to be tackled with extensive knowledge and proper financial planning. We believe in making finance a simple concept to understand and make our clients realize that a good and stable financial plan and portfolio will only bring a stress-free condition in their lives.

Grow Nivesh in Ajmer, uses a wide range of products such as Mutual Fund, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Bonds, Corporate Fixed Deposits, NPS, Sovereign Gold Bonds, Loans against Securities, etc., to meet the Financial Goals of our Clients. We at Grow Nivesh, Ajmer, believe in the hand-holding procedure of explaining to our clients the pros and cons of financial investments and structuring of their finances based on their goals and requirements.

As time went by we have emphasized our focus on technology and ease of access to services at the fingertip. We offer all our clients individual login facilities to view their dashboard anytime, anywhere. We keep them updated throughout, without fail. We are present on the web as well in mobile devices. We handhold you to understand reports and analysis of your investments and insurance and at the same time guide you for further actions that need to be taken. We keep transparency throughout our services. Our most valuable asset is you and your faith in us. We value that above everything.

This is where you feel the difference.

We are driven by the desire to understand people and their desires, their dreams, and their fears and provide money solutions to address their needs.

We don’t sell; we buy on behalf of our Clients.

Investment Philosophy

 We believe a notional loss is a real loss till markets turn around. Therefore, our philosophy is based on the concept of investment experience. We believe in providing the customer a comfortable investment journey by using the principles of strategic asset allocation and rebalancing.

Our Five steps strategy is based upon:

  •  Size of corpus
  • Momentum of market
  • Valuation of market
  • Stage of investment
  • Allocation & Rebalancing


  • Steady Returns Principle
  • Protecting Downside Risk
  • Tailor-made Structures
Why Choose



Expert Team

We are backed by a Team of Experts in their Respective Domain


Process Driven

We take Process Driven Approach to our Investment Decisions


Timely Response

Our Support is best in class and we respond within TAT


Client Centric

We always put our client interest first and provide unbiased advice.

Client Testimonials

What our Clients says

  • Client Image

    “Grow Nivesh has educated and Guided me. Through my Investment Journey being a Beginner in investments they have analyzed my financial needs. By analyzing my requirements they gave me a very good financial solution. Therefore Grow Nivesh has become my First choice when it comes to investing.”

    • Dr. Miss Sanjoli Gupta
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    “Engineers are known be bad when it comes to money matters. I was no different until Grow Nivesh extended their help. Grow Nivesh helped me plan mine as well as my family’s future better Grow Nivesh team made me wiser in financial planning and investments.”

    • Mr. Sarvajeet Kumar
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    “It's been close to a year now when I first started using Grow Nivesh services. It's been a great experience for me as their representatives are truly professional who treat each and every customer as unique with unique needs. Thanks for the wonderful experience that I had and keep it up.”

    • Miss Sanjana Gupta
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    “Grow Nivesh Financial Planning process has been great. First, my advisor was patient, which allowed me enough time to go through the various financial plans, suggested from their end. Second, they were very supportive, recommended various potential plans, which in turn will result to achieve my target.”

    • Mr. Prem Ratan Sharma

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